Subo Feeding Bottle


Ever experienced a morning where you’re rushing out the door to get to work or a playdate and your little love still hasn’t had breakfast? Or do you find that changing food up results in easier mealtimes? The Subo Feeding Bottle allows babies, toddlers & children to feed themselves independently. The non-squeeze design means less mess and more time for you to enjoy your day.

The bottle features a platform that moves up as your child sucks the food through the spout. Nothing is left behind! As your child eats, sucking food through the spout, the platform moves automatically up the bottle. It also has a 12mm spout which is great for all food types. There is a smaller spout option for children under 2 years. A smaller 5mm straw spout is available to purchase here.

The bottle is suitable for foods like pureed fruits and veggies, smoothies, oats, weetbix and many more.

The bottle is easy to clean and makes feeding fun for your child and in turn means a less stressful mealtime. The fact that you know what they eat and can re-use the bottle means healthier options for your child, and better for the environment without single use pouches!

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