Silicone Suction Divided Plate & Fork


Did you know that when we understand the complexities of taste and smell it could lead to an improved diet? Our Silicone Suction bowls with matching forks by Bella Zailea are tried and tested by parents and children. They provide your little one the opportunity to taste and see each food individually – so good for developing palates! The handy suction foot ensures that the delicious meal doesn’t end up on the floor.


Divider sections

BPA-free food-safe silicone

Silicone Fork with beechwood handle

Suction foot



  • Wash before first use
  • To attach the plate to surface: ensure the base of the plate and the surface are both clean. Suction will not work on uneven or damaged surfaces. Wooden tables that aren’t smooth, or plastic high chairs that have scratches/dents won’t hold the plate in place.
  • The fork is handwash only. Washing it in the dishwasher will drastically reduce its lifespan.
  • Plate is dishwasher safe, or wash with warm soapy water.
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